The Ultimate Finance Guide

The first step to debt problems is to create and maintain a budget.

First, create a list of all your monthly income and also a list of your monthly expenses. To determine the income from all sources, including child nutrition, payments for children, beyond employment, etc. To calculate the cost, it is also food, housing, transportation, public services, recreation, etc. A to reflect the actual cost, which is spending every night and write, you should use the revenue. Determine if your income covers all expenses. Otherwise, some costs must be reduced.

The adjustment of expenses. If this is a small difference in May, through the reduction of certain expenses such as entertainment or small furniture project. If the deficit is greater, you may need for your car or livelihood. If your income covers all expenses, you can reduce some of May the excess fat from your purchase. The additional resources can be published, things like vacations or college fund for their children.


Also, check whether you need new categories. Some of the areas often neglected, that debt relief in emergency funds, savings, retirement and savings accounts. A fund for the relief before an amount sufficient to cover unforeseen events (car emergency, etc) should arise. As for the elimination of the need for the use of funds, which can quickly alter your budget.

There are some advantages to help your budget. Initially, most people are the goals you want to achieve in the future. Sometimes you can a room, a new car, or college education. A budget can help save money for their implementation. In addition, many people are characterized by high consumer debt. In the absence of a model of discipline in spending, it is almost impossible for the great progress in debt reduction. The budget staff is in the framework necessary to remove the inflated balances.

If done correctly, a budget allows a person who is both a response to their cost, instead of money in savings deposits and repayment of debt. Therefore, it is in the person to create a budget.

Reduce costs

In the first of May, it appears difficult reduce costs and focus on a budget, there are some changes in practice that you can do every day to reduce costs, which more than expected.

First, behavior change, credit car. Start with pay, if possible. This helps you avoid the market if they are not really the money available. If you decide to make a purchase with a credit card, are willing to pay monthly. Who earn a lot of money, without interest costs. If you already have a credit card balance, and then transferred to a card with low interest rates. Even a card not to pay an annual subscription.

Another trick is to create a meal every day. All those hours with lunch in restaurants to add. You can be your breakfast, you can do, apart from a few dollars a day, which adds time.

Use the phone during peak hours. Some people are going to a few hundred dollars a month in phone calls. To prevent the largest number during peak periods. Check with your service and plan to see if you have cheaper or unlimited calling.

Stop launching Zeitung Sunday before leaving the ad. Clip some of these checks and verify whether sales. These developed in May, but the savings are often. Many stores double or triple the amount of the coupon. This technique, you can save up to 20 or 30 dollars per head every time the store.

In addition, the refinancing. The Hypothekarzinsniveaus was extremely low in recent years. This was an excellent opportunity to make the monthly house payment significantly. If you think you have paid for your house, before retirement, and then you want May to consider before refinancing.

Finally, all insurance. Many insurance companies offer their customers the best price “low, if the acquisition of different policy areas. For example, some people in a workforce of many other cars and combine their cars and bedrooms. Always remember that a EE. UU. U.S. dollars here and there really add. Avoid the temptation to think that changes in spending habits can be a lot of money.

You start saving!

Then be responsible for monthly bills and wonder how you have a savings account for emergencies and other efforts. In other words, where you can see this extra money for the distance at a later date?

Initially, the configuration of your budget, your first card savings. They will be every month if you start, you have to pay yourself first. Before the payment of bills, for a fixed amount you pay the first and perhaps five or ten percent, or whatever you want, your control. Therefore, the amount due for submission in a savings account, before payment obligation.

If you do this at the beginning of the month, total wages suddenly not slip between their fingers. If you wait until the end of May there will be nothing left to save. You pay an initial systematic their money. Regardless of income or profession, the system works, if you’re in it.

Another technique is attempted, in May the money was empty with more changes in a coffee or a glass per day. At the end of the month, the role of money and your savings account. It is in a position with 30 or 40 dollars a month, with the only change to spare.

Remember that good money management is more than a mathematical formula. E ‘too closely tied to the ups and downs of life with everything. The plan for the management of money is semper depends on the situation changes if we want to change our lives. The objective of the budget is good for allocating more resources to help you, your goals, do not apply the rules.

Do not be disappointed if the budget for the card does not work hours everything is perfect. May, which means that some revisions and amendments at will. Therefore, be sure to check frequently and make sure it is better for each minute! Because we know how these activities can!

Avoid the dangers of spending!

With all the advantages, which clearly in the budget, it is not surprising that a growing number of people dependent on debt and increase savings. Every budget the need to avoid the problems that can frequently.

Credit cards seem to May, small pieces of plastic, but can cause many problems for owners. E ‘for people to buy some “sense of what should be avoided because they are credit cards in your wallet. The best solution for many people is simply stop using credit cards to pay only in cash, by check or card debit. May you want to manage a card for emergencies, but it is probably better than he was, and far from its portfolio.

Another problem is a budget with anticipation. They are not economic goals, but people do not have the patience as a savings program. One example: a person starts the money for a new car, but after a couple of months ago, discovered that the car of your dreams. Instead of waiting to buy. This could cause severe economic pressures. Discipline is a necessity for his impatience to break your budget.

Once a person makes a budget, which often have to adapt. A budget was created by a series of spending and income figures may change. To change these numbers, it is important that changes in budget adjustments. It could be the big deficit, if not quickly and adequately.

Of course, do not miss a Christmas or Chanukkah, but many people do not budget for the holidays in the preparation of the budget. Therefore, the resources are not enough to take in hand the gifts, meals, parties, etc. These figures should be taken into account and maintained throughout the year.

Finally, many people in the transportation and accommodation for their family vacation, but underestimates the money needed for food, fun and money. Remember that all stations and tourists have doubled or tripled from what they normally pay.

With a little planning, which is on track to save more money, I never thought possible!

Easy money-saving changes

One of the most obvious and simplest way for little money on the use of products and articles in their daily lives. It is important short-changed.

For example, buying less and less soap could be found. The quality is not necessarily tied to the price and can be used instead of “bathroom soap.”

Throughout the product. Bottles of rotation of the head and landing at the last piece. Open bag of sugar and flour at all, or tubes of the press open to use before buying more. We must ask ourselves what is really left!

Even more than you need. Just because he wrote for the package, you need a cup is full, does not mean that you really need. Half a meter of washing and cleaning in half a teaspoon of liquid soap to wash dishes, are examples that are usually sufficient, rather than what the manufacturer says.

To add money, you can get some things in your house is unique in several respects. Instead of a bunch of money for the cleanup of soil imagination, treat ammonia. He has done an excellent job, and you can use the water over time. If you have a couple of furniture polish, mix in equal parts of vinegar and vegetable oil and wipe furniture. Buff with a soft, even gleams.

For a bag with freezer, the use of empty bags of chips and close valves with the coverage. You can also try a bowl with lid, like a bathroom in margarine.

If your skin feels a bit dry, there are several alternatives to expensive lotions. Petroleum jelly is rubbed his hands during the night, after soaking in hot water, mayonnaise (wells W / cold water) or any other diet based on olive oil Olive. To be sure, that in your hands immediately after water.

To add some money for clothes, the dissolution of the bar hands in the water to replace the detergent to wash. Three liters of hot water, mix well and a cup of washing soda.

Of course, small changes, but you can add on developments in your pocket all the time!

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