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Welcome Meeting

Before we begin we let you know how we work and learn what is important to you

Our welcome meetings are designed to let you ask any questions you may have and also let us learn about what it is you want to achieve later on financially. We also take a look at your current finances and begin to get an idea of where you are and where we can realistically take you.

Financial Clean Up

Following from the welcome meeting we will give you a list of tasks to help clean up your finances.

Most of our first time clients have items that are best cleaned up before we begin, these could include multiple pensions from changing jobs or already have investments that need looking at. Often, clients also don’t really fully understand their assets.

Cleaning up what you already have is the first real step, this helps us create a clean and structured plan later on which will serve you best. Lots of help will be provided in this step for those who require it.

Goal Setting

Time to set some goals.

During this meeting we filly explain your current assets you may have and establish if you are on target for financial freedom (whatever that may be to you).

An exciting part of the process is discussing your hopes and dreams for the future. We then work together in creating or refining these dreams and creating goals to ensure dreams become reality.

Life Plan

It’s time to build a life plan.

After we have agreed where you want to be in life and when you want to be there. It is then time to get your Life Plan in motion. Only when we fully understand you and what makes you tick will we construct a plan to work towards your goals. Your plan may well include both existing investments and new recommendations. As we are independent financial planners we can ensure our recommendation are tailored exactly to your needs.

Review Meetings

The path to success is rarely straight.

A vital part of the financial advice process is to review and tweak your Life Plan. Everything is subject to change, be it legislation, law, product development and of course your circumstances. The review meeting is important as the path to your goal is very rarely a straight one.

These are typically done annually but can be brought forward in the event of a change in circumstances.

Heard enough?

If you are looking to start investing or you are not happy with how your current investments are going we will be more than happy to assist you.

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